Scrappy Tails Crafts First Ever Stamp & Die Release


Scrappy Tails Crafts First Ever Stamp & Die Release

I'm so beyond excited to finally share with you all my first ever stamp and die release! As many of you may know, I own a handmade greeting card business called Scrappy Tails Crafts. This year, I decided to expand my business by designing and manufacturing photopolymer stamps and metal dies. In today's video, I'm showcasing my brand new pop up box die collection and assorted Christmas stamps and coordinating dies! I am releasing three pop up boxes including an A7 sized box, a slimline pop up box and a slimline shadow box! To celebrate the launch of my expanded business, I thought it would be fun to giveaway some product in today's coordinating video! I will be sending out $100 worth of product to one lucky Youtube commenter. In order to participate, all you have to do is subscribe to my channel and leave a comment down below! I will be having small giveaways all week on my Youtube channel and Instagram, so be sure to follow me and subscribe to my channel!

Be sure to tag me @scrappytailscrafts on social media, so others can see your beautiful creations! It would also mean the world to me if you shared this video to your friends. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool for growing a business! Thank you so much for supporting me over the years and helping me accomplish this dream, I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me!


Showcase Video 

Are you ready for some sample photos?! Check out all of the pop up Christmas box inspiration below! In case you were wondering, most of the stamped images within the boxes were either heat embossed and paper pieced, or colored with my copic markers!


A7 Pop Up Box 

The A7 Pop Up Box comes with four different ways to decorate your card base, including this beautiful tile design. The matte panels were cut from silver card stock and layered behind the white tile panels. The square and rectangle mattes are included in the die set too! I love how you can customize the boxes to match whatever is inside the box. In this example the tile really compliments the white silver embossed poinsettias! The beautiful lace pieces peaking throughout the box are from the new Lacy Borders slimline die set. All of the stamped images inside the box come from the new Candle Light Poinsettia 6x6 stampset! 

Here is the same box in a more traditional Christmas color scheme! 


Here is an example showcasing the lace design that's included in the A7 pop up box die set. The matte panels were cut from blue card stock and layered behind the white die cut lace panels. Both the tile and lace options allow you to create gorgeous elegant pop up boxes without the use of pattern paper! The poinsettias were white heat embossed on vellum and blue card stock. The candles were silver heat embossed on white cardstock! 

Here's an example where the decorative square and rectangle panels are cut from pattern paper. The centers of the poinsettias in this card were accented with gold prills. The cardinals and the mailbox come from the new Cardinal Blessings 6x6 stamp set. This card also features  the new A7 gift card holder on the back. The gift card holder is sized perfectly to fit a gift card and a tall notecard! Did you know that you can make these boxes pop perfectly into place using the new A7 mechanism die? It's a really fun surprise when your recipient takes your card out of the envelope! Check out my Youtube video to see how it works! 



Here is the final way you can decorate the A7 pop up box. For these cards, I just used the plain square and rectangle panels from the die set and cut them from pattern paper! Interactive cards are quite time consuming so it's always nice to make some steps of the process quick, easy and simple! You might have noticed that the boxes have stamped images floating above the top of the card base. That is completely fine, it'll still fit inside an A7 envelope. The dimensions of the box are 5x5x5" when the card is folded flat. That gives you about an extra inch to "float" your images above your box!


Slimline Pop Up Card

Slimline cards are all the rage right now, so I knew I had to come out with a slimline pop up box! The dimensions of this box are 9x4" when the card is folded flat. When the box is popped up it's 7x4" giving you plenty of real estate to add all your stamped images! I combined images from the Cardinal Blessings and Candlelight Poinsettia stamp sets to create this beautiful poinsettia garden scene. 

Alright, lets take a break from cardinals and poinsettias and share a couple snowy winter scenes! This little scene was created using the new German Winter Village 6x6 stamp set and the new Christmas Market 6x6 stamp set. The snowbank and the fence in the back of the card were cut from the new Everyday Borders slimline die set

If you want to add a notecard or gift card to the back of these boxes you can add one inside the new slimline gift card holder! 


Here's even more poinsettia and cardinal inspiration! The possibilities to decorate these boxes are endless! This box is extra unique because of the flourish edge design on the top flaps!


Slimline Shadow Box 

The Slimline Shadow Box is a lot of fun because you have even more room to add your stamped and die cut images! I love the sense of depth and dimension you get with this die. Included in the set is 3 different windows you can cut to achieve different looks for your slimline shadow boxes! The scene inside the box was entirely made using the German Winter Village stamp set 


Here's a beautiful icy poinsettia sample. For the window on this shadow box, I used the two rectangles together to create a pretty silver frame around the box. The silver foil scallop lace border is from the new Lacy Borders slimline die set. 

This shadow box window design is joking called the "tissue box". Lets be honest, it kind of resembles a tissue box! Jokes aside, the flourished shape window is still super pretty! Because the dimensions are the same on the slimline pop up box and the slimline shadow box, this too can fit the slimline gift card holder add on die! 

That's it! I covered every product in the release, I hope I was able to give you guys tons of inspiration using products from my first ever release. Please let me know what you guys think of the products in the comment section down below! Don't forget to leave a comment on my video to enter into the chance to win a $100 prize bundle!!


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