Limited Angel Policy

Thank you for purchasing one of our hiqh-quality photopolymer stamp sets or metal craft dies. We understand that you may want to use our designs in hand created art to sell to customers and we welcome the use of our creative images in your products. You are permitted to use our images in products for sale as long as you follow the rules outlined in the below Angel Policy:

Scrappy Tails Crafts stamp and craft die designs are protected both under United States as well as under international copyright laws and regulations. We ask that you refrain from using Scrappy Tails Crafts stamped or die-cut images for business and/or commercial purposes (such as logos, web design, trademarks or promotional materials) of any kind. All of our products were designed for personal use only, and we ask that you don’t copy or recreate any of our images for any other purposes. 

You may sell your stamped or die-cut artwork at local or seasonal fairs, events, festivals and/or community fundraisers. We further allow the sale of your personally created art or craft projects on a small scale on e-commerce craft selling platforms like Etsy or Amazon Handmade. We kindly ask that you don’t mass produce or allow production by hired workers. Scrappy Tails Crafts designs may only be used to create original creative works by you. All stamped and or die-cut art must be individually hand stamped or individually die-cut by you and may not be reproduced or copied using any means other than hand stamping or individual die cutting. This includes, but is not limited to: scanning of our images, printing any of our designs, tracing, resizing or making photocopies of any of our images. Our images should not be mechanically or digitally altered.

You as the consumer assume all risks and liabilities for your own work by selling your handmade products that include stamped or die-cut images by Scrappy Tails Crafts. You agree to indemnify Scrappy Tails Crafts, LLC and its members, artists, employees, affiliates and designers from any disputes that may result from the creation of such art work or product. You are responsible to comply with any state, local and federal business and/or tax regulations.

Scrappy Tails Crafts, LLC has the right to make changes, adjustments and amendments to this Limited Angel Policy at any time for any reason with or without notice and we anticipate that you will continue to abide by any changes to our Angel Policy.

Scrappy Tails Crafts, LLC reserves the right to deny the use of our stamped or die-cut images in any creations for resale for any reason at any time and may publish an amended Angel Policy at a later date.

Scrappy Tails Crafts, LLC appreciates image credit when possible. 

We encourage that you reach out to us with questions or concerns about Scrappy Tails Crafts images in association with any special projects that you may be working on. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.