Beautiful Swan Valentine's Day Pop up Box Card


Beautiful Swan Valentine's Day Pop up Box Card

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought that it would be nice to showcase a recent Valentine themed pop up box card that I made. This card was entirely made with Heartfelt Creations' new "Calla Lily" collection. I used both the calla lilies and the swans to create a beautiful non-traditional Valentine card. However, if you just change up the sentiment, this card can work for almost any occasion! 

Now, if you follow me on any of my social media, you'd know that I love creating pop up box cards. What's great about this particular box is that you don't need a die to make it! I get asked all the time for a more thorough written tutorial, so today I'm finally going to share my not so secret measurements to you all. 


Step One: Cut Card Base to Size

Cut a sheet of heavy weight card-stock down to 10.5 x 5.5 in. (I use 110 lb white Nina)  


Step Two: Add Horizontal Score Lines

Place your panel horizontally onto a score board. Score your panel at 2.5 in, 5 in, 7.5 in and 10 in. You should have a half inch tab at the end. 


Step Three: Add Vertical Score Lines

Flip the panel 90 degrees on your score board, and score at 3 in.

That's it, very simple scoring! You're basically halfway done with your box. 


Step Four: Cut Score Lines

When you're finished scoring, you should notice that your panel has squares on the top and rectangles at the bottom. Take your scissors, and cut the horizontal score lines up to the 3 in vertical score line. Be sure to only cut the lines on the squares, not the rectangles! Also, go ahead and snip off the half inch tab at the end of your panel. Snip off the square tab, not the rectangle tab! 


Step Five: Fold Score Lines 

After cutting your score lines, go ahead and add some strong double sided tape to the half inch rectangular tab. Make sure it's strong, since this one strip of tape holds the entire box together! Fold the horizontal lines towards you including the half inch tab at the end! You should see you box start to take shape. Attach the half inch tab to the back of the box to completely adhere the card base together. Once your box is formed, you can fold down the top square flaps. (I left the back one unfolded) 



Step Six: Add Pattern Paper

Yay, if you've reached this step that means you completed your box card base! Now all you have to do is add your patten paper. Cut four 2.25 x 2.25 in square panels for your top square flaps. Cut four 2.25 x 2.75 in rectangle panels for your bottom rectangle pieces. You should be left with a .25 in white border around each panel.

Step Seven: Add Bridges 

 In order to attach and "float" images inside the box, you'll need two or three of these bridges inside your card. I make these with the same heavy weight card-stock I used to create the base itself. I cut half inch strips and trimmed them each to be roughly 3.75 inches tall. I fold in the sides to create an area I can add my double sided tape. (I fold each side in about half an inch). Then, peel off your backing sheet and stick them inside the box.


 Step Eight: Add Interior Elements 

Now, you can obviously put anything you want inside your box, but I was eager to play with some new Heartfelt Creations products I recently purchased. I decided to stamp out a few images from their new "Calla Lily" collection. I used Versafine Onyx black ink to stamp out the images, and I clear heat embossed them. I used my small ink blending brushes and some pastels by faber castel to color the calla lilies and swans. I colored the swans with a pastel blue and pink color. I left the lilies white but I did add a slight bit of yellow to their centers to give them some interest. The leaves I colored in a pastel green. Once I finished coloring, I die cut everything with their coordinating dies and arranged them into my scene. I placed the two swans forming a heart in the center of the card and surrounded them with my calla lilies, leaves and smaller swans. I love how this little scene turned out! The soft blue and white tones aren't traditional valentine colors, but to me, the card still has a prominent love theme with those beautiful loving swans featured in the center of the card. 


I hope I was able to teach you guys how I make my boxes. Another important tip I want to add is that I often times use acrylic sticks to have some of my images "float" above my card. It's completely optional, but personally, I love this effect. For my swan card, I added acrylic sticks behind the back few calla lily bunches. This made my flowers a bit taller and more noticeable behind the swans. I tried my best to explain every step of the process and include as much detailed information and photographs as possible. If you're more of a visual and auditory learner, I recommend that you check out my video tutorial down below. It explains everything discussed in today's blog post, in a video format! If you're still confused as to how I make these feel free to leave me a comment and I'll try to help you out! 


Video Tutorial 




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