Mass Producing Cards for Profit


Mass Producing Cards for Profit

Many of you have reached out to me asking to share my tips on mass producing cards for clients. In my video, I will share with you my step by step process for creating 200 sunny Holiday cards for a client. In total, it took about a week to create all of the cards. It's a longer video, but it's very informative. Below, I've also included my slideshow presentation that briefly goes over each step of the process. I recommend taking a look at the video or slideshow if you're considering to start selling your handmade greeting cards!  
This blog post is a part of a collaboration with Create and Inkspire, an online publication for cardmakers. Courtney Kreeber, the owner of Create and Inkspire is having a huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale right now so be sure to check it out here:


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Mass Producing Beach Themed Holiday Cards

For this order, a client wanted me to create a beach themed Holiday card to celebrate his recent move to Florida. Following the process above, I was able to create 200 cards in about 8 days with the help of my mom. Before getting started, I made sure to grab all of the necessary card stock at Michaels. Then, I cut down all of my card stock into sizes that would fit into my die cutting machine. One tip I'd highly recommend is, if you plan on using two different paper widths, to cut them on separate plates. For my cards, I cut all of the heavy weight white card stock first and then my lighter weight card stock. Once everything was die cut, I paper pieced all of the necessary elements together with glue. These elements included gluing the silver lights, umbrella stick and blue panels onto the umbrella's white base, gluing the bows to the wreaths, and gluing the wreaths behind the chairs. After  the paper piecing was complete, I assembled my card panels in batches of 10. I started by gluing the sun ray die cut panels on to a darker yellow matte cut to "4 x 5x25"in. Then, I adhered my waves and sand hills. Finally, I finished off the design by gluing the chairs, umbrella, birds and die cut words. 
For a full list of supplies, be sure to check out my video description! 


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