Meet the Official 2021 Scrappy Tails Crafts Design Team


Meet the Official 2021 Scrappy Tails Crafts Design Team

Scrappy Tails Crafts is excited to share with you all its first ever design team for the year of 2021! Everyone on the team has their own unique style of card making and paper crafting. The team is sure to inspire all of our customers with a variety of different projects that will be featured on Instagram, Youtube and the Scrappy Tails blog! In today's blog post, we are introducing each member of the Scrappy Tails video and blog team. Some designers are creating content full time (twice a month) while others are guest designer who will post once a month. Be sure to show these amazingly talented ladies some love by giving them a follow on their social medias! 

Meet the Scrappy Tails Blog Team Members


 Say hello to the first ever Scrappy Tails blog team! Each designer will showcase their beautiful projects on the Scrappy Tails blog at least once a month.

Blog posts will include written tutorials and plenty of pictures to help you understand the whole card making process and to hopefully inspire you! A list of supplies will also be provided in each blog, so you know exactly what they used to create their designs!
Now, lets meet each member of the team and learn a little bit more about them! Be sure to follow them on social media so you can check out their other amazing work!

Ilina Crouse

Ilina is a member of both the blog and video team. She will be switching it up each month featuring either video or blog tutorials! 
I am Ilina Crouse. By day I am Electrical Engineer/Bid Manager. In the early mornings I am a runner, by night I am a crafter and 24/7 I am a wife and a mom of 3 ( 8,6 and 5).
I have been stamping since a very young age (8), when my parents brought me a stamp set while on one of their business trips. Since then I fell in love with stamping, paper crafting and card making.
I started blogging in 2007 as a way to share my creations with my friends and family back home. I love coloring and interactive cards, so you will see a lot of those as part of my creations. Also I love clean and simple designs.
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Waleska Galindo 

Hello my name is Waleska Galindo. I live in the beautiful Guatemala City, in Central America, I am probably the only stamper around here.  I have a wonderful husband and 2 full of energy kids. I have always loved art and making things with my hands.  I am a Graphic Designer. That is how I fell in love with cardmaking 7 years ago. I enjoy the process of being creative, so I quickly discovered the joy of Cardmaking. I am very passionate in all I do and stamping and cardmaking are not an exception.  I love making scene cards, creating cards with bright colors and using stamps in a variety of creative ways. 

Besides cardmaking, I am also a Fashion Designer, Movie lover and Stamp Collector... You can find my blog at but I mostly share my cards on my Instagram, craftinglovew.  

Nancy Nickel 

Hello, everyone! I'm Nancy...from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. I live here with my sweet and supportive husband. Our kids are grown and gone, and the two of us have lots of fun in our empty nest.
I've always been a crafter; sewing, quilting, making dolls and teddy bears, etc. I began blogging about 10 years ago when paper-crafting took over my creative life. I still spend time on my other crafts incorporating them into my paper projects. It's all so much fun!
I'm thrilled to be on the first Scrappy Tails Crafts Design Team, and I look forward to sharing these fabulous products with you! 
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Sabrina Leavell

Sabrina is a member of both the blog and video team. All of her video tutorials will
have a coordinating blog so you can see close up pictures, written instructions and a full list of supplies of everything she used to create her designs!
Hi everyone! If you're not aware, I am the owner of Scrappy Tails Crafts! With the help of my mom and grandma, we design every product sold in the Scrappy Tails store.
I started scrapbooking and card making at a very young age with my mom. Paper crafting quickly became my passion where I'd craft almost every weekend! When I turned 15, I started Scrappy Tails Crafts, selling handmade greeting cards that I sold at local craft shows and on Etsy.
Over the years, Scrappy Tails grew and grew, when eventually I decided to expand my business into creating products for card makers! I love creating cards, designing and illustrating. With the support of the Scrappy Tails design team and its customers, I'm able to continue doing what I love as a career! 
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Teresa Plunkett 

Hey Y'all!!!  I'm Teresa.  My friends call me ‘T’.  By day, I'm the IT Director of a multi-office law firm in North Carolina.  By night, I'm a paper crafter! 
A friend invited me over 20 years ago to make a greeting card.  What?!?  Rubber stamps?!?  Can't be true?!?  I won't like that at all?!?  I was WRONG!  I was hooked when I walked in the door.  I love paper crafting.  I love learning new techniques and I love 3d paper creations: flowers, boxes, journals, photo albums, anything 3d.  Over the years I've added crafting with vinyl, material, wood and all sorts of mediums. 
I'm married with two grown children (and in-law children).  Our first grandchild is coming in May 2021.  I’m an upbeat, happy girl.  I love life (and coffee).  The plan is to retire one day from my technology world and paper craft full time!  Everyone should do something creative every day.  I'm so excited to be joining Scrappy Tails Crafts!  Can't wait!!!!!!! 
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Monica Edwards

Hello! I am a mother of two kids. Andre is my oldest at 30, and my daughter is a close second at 26.  I am beyond ecstatic to introduce the newest member to our family  “Jace Arthur” my first grandson. I love all types of crafts and if you saw my craft room you would say “most definitely”. I hope to share my love of Scrappy Tails products through my work and inspire others to tap into their creative side. Also, don’t be afraid to step outside the box. 

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Joy Wilson

Hi friends, I am so excited to be working with the amazing Scrappy Tails brand!  I have been paper crafting for as long as I can remember.  When I was a little girl I played with paints and stickers to make cute cards and notes to send to my friends and family.  As an adult, I took a small detour and made wreaths and home decor pieces. Eventually I found my love for paper crafting in scrapbooks, journals, and stamping.  For the last four years I focused on card making, but I certainly love the occasional junk journal.  
I think it is such an honor to create meaningful cards and bring smiles to people's faces.   Everyone could use a small piece of encouragement in their lives, and I hope to do that for them.  Card making brings me so much happiness, and I can't imagine not sharing my love of it with the world.
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Kristina Hein 

Hi!  I have been crafting in some way since I was very young.  I totally blame my mom!  I work full time outside the home and have my hands full at home.  I have a super sweet and supportive hubby, 3 stepkids and 2 of my own.  We are down to just one teenager left at home and he is a senior in high school.  We also have five cats, one who is only a kitten named Cleopatra.
I started as a scrapbooker many many years ago.  Then a friend took me to a stamping party and I've been hooked ever since!  I love the quick gratification of making a card, well, compared to a scrapbook page.  I love to learn new techniques all the time and use a wide variety of mediums.  I like to think it keeps me on my toes that way!  
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Cherry Nelson

Hello! I am a 4th generation Oregon resident and a country girl at heart. My husband and I live outside of Bend, Oregon in a small town called La Pine.  We are recent empty nesters who were crazy enough to put our house up for sale, move, and now build during this Pandemic.
Like many creatives, I have loved making things with my hands since I was a  child.  I have embraced the gift of creativity and the joy that it brings to myself and others. I have had a blog since 2006. I started with scrapbooking and soon discovered cards, banners, and altered art and have never looked back.  I love to use dies, stamps, etc  in all my art and love the bygone era.  My work tends to have lots of layers, dimension, and texture. 
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Meet the Scrappy Tails Video Team Members

Say hello to the first ever Scrappy Tails video content team! Each designer will showcase their beautiful projects tutorials on their own channels at least once a month. Their designs will include various products from the Scrappy Tails line!
Video tutorials will include the entire card making process to hopefully inspire you! Videos are a great way to learn new techniques! A list of supplies will also be provided in each video description, so you know exactly what they used to create their designs!
Now, lets meet each member of the team and learn a little bit more about them! Be sure to follow them on social media so you can check out their other amazing work!

Kari VanNoy

Hi there! I've been crafting for as long as I can remember, but it has only been the last 10 years that I have absolutely fell in love with card making. I craft and teach others card making skills in sunny Gilbert, Arizona.
I love to see the look of wonder on others faces when they finally "get" heat embossing or ink blending or a new skill. I have been a guest designer for multiple companies. I am married with 3 kids and 5 granddaughters! After my oldest son moved out, i converted the large bedroom into my DREAM CRAFT ROOM!
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Sharon Luska 

Hi, I'm Sharon, and before I retired, I had been in the spa and aesthetics business since the age of 20. I retired four years ago after 24 years of running an amazing award-winning business, being the leader of a number of young women who were creative intelligent and exceptional team members.
I began crafting as soon as I was able to grasp a paintbrush, but my love affair with cards has been going on for 17 years now. My addiction to card making infiltrated my salon business The clients were excited to find the gift card holders had been designed by me and made lovingly by the hands of the aestheticians on staff. 
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Kimberly Skinner 

Hello, my name is Kim Skinner and I live in Florida.  I have been a crafter my entire life.  I love creating and experimenting with paper crafting and mixed media projects of all kinds.   
My husband and I have been married for 35 years and we have raised an amazing daughter and  a wonderful son.  I spend a good part of every single day creating in my craft studio. I am a retired teacher and I  love to teach and I hope that I can inspire you to create something new!
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Julianne Foyil 

Hi everyone, my name is Julianne and I live in Florida with my hubby and our two mini aussies, Binx and Mona. Some of my favorite things include all things Halloween, bees, pigs, sour candy and the color teal.
I’ve been crafting forever it feels like, but I started making cards about 8 years ago. I originally hand drew my cards, but came upon the world of stamping and now I need all the pretty things. 
I enjoying learning new techniques and sharing them as well as my ideas with other crafters. I love showing how you can take one stamp and sketch it throughout the year for multiple cards. My favorite techniques include ink blending and copic coloring. I also really enjoy creating scene cards.
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Misty Lavigne 

I’m Misty Lavigne. I live in Dallas with my husband and our curious cat Roxie. You’ll sometimes find her in my videos while trying to “help” mama craft. I’ve been card making for over a decade now and my style leans more towards whimsical and cute. I love one layer cards, but also love to play with patterned papers.
Christmas is my favorite season. I am The Jolly Fat Elf after all! I’m excited to be a team member and can’t wait to watch Scrappy Tails Crafts grow and blossom! 
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Carrie Rhoades 

Hello stamping friends. I have been a paper crafter all my life. It all started with Crayola!  And when I found card making that was it for me. It's been over 20 years since I made my first handmade, hand stamped card. I loved it so much I turned that passion into a job so that I could stay at home with my girls. I love teaching others that they can be artistic even if they do not feel like they are an artist through paper crafting.
I love color and fun playful images. Slimline cards are my current obsession. But I love making cards of all sizes and shapes, as well as cute little things with paper. 
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Tanna LoHouse

Hi crafty friends! I am in the forever 29 club... really, even my kids know to say 29 when asked how old mom is.  Speaking of kids, I am mother to 8 fabulous kids.. four of which are grown and starting their own lives.  The remaining children in the house are Kelly 16, Linsy (LuLu) 14, Rylee (Yaya) 7, and Jax 4.  If you watch my YouTube videos you know I speak of them often. 
I decided to stay at home to spend more time with my children and started really getting into cardmaking. I do everything house and kid related during the day, and my cards and videos come at night... And I do mean night.. I average 3-6 hrs of sleep a night and sugar free redbull is a staple for me.  Jax would not allow me to work during the day as he still believes there is a cord attached to the both of us. 
My schedule for working may change when he starts school, but probably not.. and it doesn’t matter because I love what I do!!
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Courtney Kreeber 

Hi!  I’m Courtney. I live in upstate New York with my 2 fur children, Macey and Franky. I’ve been card making since 2011. I don’t usually stick to one style but I love a clean and simple card with a complex one layer scene here and there.
I’m pretty sure my Copics are my most prized possession. Besides crafting, I enjoy baking and drag racing. 
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LeeAnn McKinney

I spend my life in my craft room, whether it is relaxing at my desk watching television and planning my next projects while chatting on Facebook, or working (I do work from home)
Cards are my passion and while I am more clean and simple, I do play with ink blending a lot. I do love making shaker cards, and make several shaker cards a month because for me they are relaxing. My room has quite the arsenal of products,  and A LOT OF LOVE. I hope to bring loads of inky inspiration to all willing to accept it.
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Jackie Pasko 

Hello, I’m Jackie Pasko from Jackie’s Craft Table. I live in Chicagoland with my two wonderful kids and the sweetest husband in the world. When I’m not spending time with my family, I’m working as a librarian in a children’s department, reading, or paper crafting.
I fell in love with card making 5 years ago, and I started a YouTube channel and blog where I can share my creations and connect with others in this fun crafty community. I’m so excited to be a guest designer on the Scrappy Tails design team. It’s going to be a fabulous, crafty year!
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Scrappy Tails Inspiration 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know this talented group of ladies. I want to personally thank them for working so hard to help promote the Scrappy Tails brand.
Because we have such a large team, you will be seeing consistent Scrappy Tails inspiration starting on January 4th. Mark your calendars, the new "Spring Fling" collection is releasing on January 8th! 
Be sure to follow the Scrappy Tails Instagram page to see all of the wonderful projects by the design team. Over there, you can also click on the links to their coordinating blog and video tutorials!


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