A7 Pop up Barn Cards


A7 Pop up Barn Cards

It's time for another pop up tutorial! This one features our new "A7 Pop up Barn" die set. This die allows you to create a full sized pop up barn that can fold flat for mailing. It even includes the chicken coup and a bunch of detail dies you can use to decorate your barns.
For my post today, I decided to create an open and closed barn to show you the versatility of the die set, lets take a look! 

Video Tutorial


 To see how these cards are fully assembled and decorated, please check out my video tutorial above! 


Open Barn 


For my first card today, I wanted to mainly feature the "A7 Pop up Barn" die set. As a fellow card maker on a budget, it's always important to me to utilize my die sets to their full potential. My goal was to show that you don't need a bunch of add-ons to create a beautiful barn. When I designed this set, I made sure to include everything you need to fully decorate a traditional barn. The only other die I pulled in for this card was the "Barn Animals" die set (completely optional).



This card is an "open" barn. Meaning, you can see through it by die cutting windows from the front of your card base using the shadow dies included in the die set. I love this option because it allows you to add hidden surprises inside the barn. You can also add a tea light and illuminate your barns this way. 

Inside the barn, I added a horse, goat and sheep from our new "Barn Animals" die set. The barn door can open and close with the hay bail to the right. I love that you can see the goat peaking through the left window! 



The front of the barn was decorated using the decorative dies included in the "A7 Pop up Barn" die set. Even the little horse shoes and star are included in the die set! 

Behind my open windows, I added acetate. This is a personal choice, I like that it looks like glass and it adds a nice layer of shine to my card! 

To the bottom of my barn, all around, I added a grass border that I die cut from the "Slimline Everyday Borders Set 2" die set. 



The roof was decorated with the roof panels that are included in the "A7 Pop up Barn" die set. I cut them from silver mirror card stock to create a metal roof. 

Don't you just love the little chicken coup that's on the top of the barn? Such a cute touch! On the top of the coup, I added a chicken wind spinner 



The left side of my barn was decorated with a fence, hay bail and windmill. All of these are included in the "A7 Pop up Barn" die set. 



The right side of my barn was decorated with a fence and a tractor, both included in the "A7 Pop up Barn" die set. 



The back of my card was decorated with the rest of my barn animals and a sentiment included in the new "Horsing Around" 6x8 stamp set. 


Closed Barn 


My Halloween barn is completely closed, so you can't see through the inside of the card. By having a closed barn, you can add your storefront mechanism inside. The rubber band spring allows your barns to 'pop' straight out of the envelope, it's really cool! 



The front of this haunted barn was decorated with some spooky trees cut from our "A2 Forest Coverplate" die. I cut the trees once from grey and twice from black. I offset the grey on top of the black trees to create more contrast. 

I also added a witch and a crow from our new "A7 Witch Hill Coverplate" die set. I paper pieced the witch's dress, hat, cauldron and potion bottle with specialty silver mirror and orange glitter card stock.     

The very top of the card has a silver mirror skull. I like that there's three silver elements on the front of the card!



The roof was decorated with shingles from our new "A7 Haunted House Add-on" die set. I inked the bottoms of each shingle border with Black Soot Distress Ink. I glued 6 shingle borders to each side of the roof, stacking them on top of each other. 



Around the rest of my barn, I added a Slimline Graveyard Border to the bottom of each side. For added sparkle, I paper pieced the pumpkins on each of the borders with orange glitter card stock. 



On the right side of the barn, I accented the graveyard border with a silver bat from our new "Halloween Essentials" die set. 



The back was decorated with another graveyard border and a BEWARE sentiment from our new "Haunted House Add-on" die set. 

That finishes off my cards today, I hope you liked them and are inspired to create your own pop up barn cards! See you later!



  • 19 Aug 2022 Deb Watlton

    Another awesome creation. Eventually my idea is to get the bird house, the barn, your shops, this and the lantern to make a town and decorate everything for a winter and Christmas Scene. You have everything someone would need to make houses, shops, scenes, birds, literally everything. I told my husband it will be March and I will be working on this town for Christmas. He thinks Im crazy!!! Maybe.
    Thank you Sabrina.

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