Snowman Pop Up Lantern Card That Spins


Snowman Pop Up Lantern Card That Spins

You won't believe how amazingly cool my card is today! I created not only a pop up card, but an interactive SPINNING pop up card using some new die sets by Scrappy Tails! I will break down all the steps needed to create your own spinning pop up lantern cards, they're so fun and easy to make! Let's take a look...

Video Tutorial 

Learn how to build your own lantern pop up cards and coordinating spinning stands in my video tutorial above! 



To create this card, start by die cutting two white lantern bases and one topper/roof from our new "A7 Pop up Lantern" die set. I always recommend to use heavy weight card stock for your pop up card bases! 

Then, decorate the outside of your lantern with our new "Lantern Overlay Panel Add-on" die set. I went with the polka dot overlay, but there's also a cute vertical and diagonal stripe option included in the set! 

Inside the base, add your X shape lantern panels from our new "Basic Shape Lantern Panel Add-on" die set. 

Connect each base together using the half inch glue tabs on each piece to create the main base of the lantern. 



To construct the spinning base, cut the largest die from our new "A7 Spinning Lantern Base Add-on" from any heavy weight card stock. Follow the score lines and the video tutorial above to see exactly how it's glued together. 

Insert the circle die into the base and spin it a few times to loosen up the slits on each side of the base. Remove the circle from the base, and connect the circle on top of the square piece with a brad. Then, insert both the square and circle piece inside the base. Seal the bottom of the base with another square piece glued to the bottom glue tabs of the base.

Finally, through the top hole of the base, glue your "straw" piece. This is what will hold your centerpiece and allow it to spin inside your lantern. Make sure it's completely dry before adding your centerpiece. In this case, I glued two Christmas trees back to back.

 VOILA! you have a perfectly spinning bottom base to your pop up lantern cards! This piece does not fold flat, so this is a card that would have to be hand delivered or displayed as a home decor piece



Here's the two pieces we created side by side, both can be a card by themselves! I decorated each base piece with our new "Layering Snowmen" die set. I went with pastel colors, since I love to create Winter cards in bright pastels! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope my blog and video gave you clear instructions on how to create your own spinning pop up lantern cards. See you next time!



  • 19 Oct 2022 Deb Watlton

    I love these new Lantern Dies and all of the add ons. The stamps that you and your family illustrate are absolutely stunning.
    I wish I had the tenth of your talent and imagination. I love to make cards, and do other projects with paper like Advent Calendars but, I have come to love the pop up card and cards that take a lot of time to do. But, I need inspiration from individuals like you to help with the ideas.
    Thank you and I can not wait to see what you come up with next.

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