Snow Globe Flurries Holiday Collection!


Snow Globe Flurries Holiday Collection!

The anticipation is over! Our new Snow Globe Flurries collection is officially LIVE and available for purchase NOW! We have over 30 new products in this release including two new and innovative pop up die sets you're not gonna want to miss!

I went a little crazy creating with this release. I ended up making over 20 cards! I will post three blogs throughout the week to hopefully inspire and give you some ideas for your own pop up snow globe cards

We have two pop up snow globe dies in this collection, a slimline and an A7. Both are very unique, because the centerpiece of the card dangles on a piece of string/twine from the top of the card. This creates a fun kinetic dangling/spinning feature to your pop up cards!

Both Snow Globe pop up dies have spinner add-ons. Meaning, the centerpiece can spin around inside your card! it's super cool. It's also important to note that these snow globe cards will lay completely flat for mailing. 

Be sure to check out tonight's product showcase video to see these amazing kinetic cards in action! 

All of my cards today are pop ups. However, many of these cards can be translated into a flat card design.  For more flat card inspiration, be sure to follow us on Instagram to see what the Scrappy Tails design team members come up with! 


Product Showcase Video 


Card One 

Let's start this blog with a slimline snow globe card! This pop up die set obviously works well for Holiday cards. However, this die doesn't scream "snow globe" as much as the A7 one does, so I think that this one would be a great year round die set to have in your stash!

I started this card by constructing the card base itself using the dies from the "Spinning Slimline Snow Globe Pop up" die set. I cut my card base pieces with pattern paper and heavy weight white card stock. To see how this card is built, check out my video tutorial HERE. 

Once my card base was assembled, I started working on my spinner element. For this card, I decided to use the spinner that's included in the slimline die set. I cut the piece twice from both heavy weight white card stock and pattern paper. Because these are 360 cards, you will need to have two of each element for your centerpiece.

I die cut and paper pieced the snowman twice using the "Snowman Spinner" die set. Then, I just glued him to each solid spinner piece. (He can also spin by himself, you don't necessarily need the solid layer.) 

At this point, don't glue your two spinners back to back yet. You will need to glue a piece of twine or string in between the layers. That way, he can dangle from the top of the card. 

To attach your spinners inside your snow globe cards, tie a knot on a piece of string or twine. Once your knot is made, string it through the hole on the top of the card's small accordion piece. Once the string is hanging in the center of the card, glue your spinners back to back, wedging the string in between both spinners. Trim the excess string if you have any, and VOILA! You have yourself a moving spinning pop up card that is sure to wow your recipient!

To see an in depth tutorial on how to create these cards, check out my video tutorial HERE. The rest of my cards were created the exact same way. These cards are so much fun to create and they're easy to put together. Once you create one, you can't stop!!

Card Two

Now, Let's showcase one of the A7 Pop up Snow Globe cards with this beautiful spinning wreath design. The A7 cards are built the exact same way as the slimline ones. The A7 Spinning Pop up Snow Globe die set does all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is die cut, fold and glue everything together!

I will have a video tutorial posted on the Scrappy Tails Youtube channel in the next couple days to show you all exactly how these cards are made!

Again, I cut my card base from pattern paper to make this card really festive. I love that this patter paper has a masculine vibe to it.

On the front of the globe, I added a layered bell die cut. This die cut image is included in the "Holiday Essentials" die set, along with the "Season's Greetings" word die that I added across the center of my wreath. I cut the greenery around the bell twice from two shades of green card stock to add some extra fullness and dimension. 

The spinner on this card was created with the new "Wreath Spinner" die set. This one includes the two wreaths that you can layer together as well as the poinsettias and bow to help decorate them! Of course, I decided to add gold pearls to the centers of all of my poinsettias. I also added a few poinsettias to the bell bell die cut at the bottom of the card.

To add interest, I decided to off set my green wreaths on each side of the spinner. The front of the spinner has the lighter green detailed wreath layer on top of the dark green shadow wreath layer. The back of the spinner has the darker green detailed wreath layer on top of the light green shadow wreath layer. This created a really cool effect when the card spins.  

Card Three

Throughout this collection, you will notice some nutcracker themed images. I wanted to continue our European Christmas theme by featuring Russian Christmas traditions and imagery, including the nutcracker, which is a Russian Ballet.

This card gives me so much nostalgia and takes me back to when I attended the ballet when I was just 10 years old. I absolutely love how this Nutcracker Spinner die set turned out. I think he would also look fabulous on flat card designs.

I went all out and paper pieced my Nutcracker twice so that he can be a spinner. Now, he is very detailed. You don't have to paper piece every single little piece if you don't want to. I personally love paper piecing, it's one of my favorite card making techniques, so I went all out with the details! I think he turned out incredible.

I went with a black card base here to really make my die cut images pop. Around the frame of the snow globe, I added some music notes that I offset with gold mirror card stock. I also added a gold trumpet to the top of the card. Both the music notes and the trumpet come in the A7 Music Note Cover Plate die set.

I added some embossed red card stock to the trapeze part of my snow globe. This layering die is included in the Slimline Spinner Snow Globe die set.

The accordion in the die set also has a one inch panel that folds to the front of the card so you can add a sentiment. It's also a great place to add more decoration for your snow globes. In this case, I added both my sentiment and two ballerinas behind the front flap.

The sentiment is from the new "Bold Christmas Sayings" hot foil plate set. I use these on a lot of my cards, they're perfectly sized for both snow globe cards! The ballerinas are from the "A7 Theater Cover Plate" die set

Card Four 

Another reason these dies are incredibly unique is that you can create so many different pop up variations with them. I managed to come up with four different looks. Not to mention you can also convert these into flat shaped cards.

For this card, I didn't want my center piece to spin, but instead swing back and forth. To prevent my centerpiece from spinning, all I did was add a solid snow globe to the back of the card. I also added acetate behind the front frame of my card. This allows the centerpiece to swing from side to side, such a cool effect!

The swinging centerpiece was created with our new "Festive Ornament" hot foil plate. This plate is absolutely gorgeous. It's slightly larger than our die cut spinners, so it would look incredible on flat cards too!

I went all out decorating the outside of this card. I used some outline poinsettias that I die cut from white card stock and vellum. I love how the white flowers offset the turquoise blue, so pretty. To the centers of my flowers, I added some turquoise gems.

For more volume and color, I tucked some dark blue greenery and berry branches behind the flowers. These come in the Assorted Christmas Leaves die set. The "berries" on my card are actually pearls. They added an elegant shine to the card.

Instead of adding a sentiment to the front flap of the snow globe, I added another poinsettia and a long stemmed leaf. I die cut the sentiment strip from silver mirror card stock to tie in the silver from the berry branches.

I think this card turned out so stunning. I loved it so much that I decided to create a red and green version, which you'll see in tomorrow's blog post!


Card Five 

Before I go any further, I just want to mention that these projects are more than just cards. They're a labor of love and a beloved keepsake. I think any of these snow globe cards would be awesome home decor pieces. Whoever throws these amazingly cool cards away is honestly CRAZY lol! Ok.. moving on to card five, my final card for my blog post today, a spinning tree card!

Out of all the spinners, this tree may be the coolest one. I love that it is completely 3D. By the way, If the knot at the top of your spinners is small enough, your recipient can pull the spinner out of the card and use it as an ornament or gift tag. I decided to do that with this card, since I love how the tree turned out!

I will have a video tutorial on how to create these 3D trees very soon. Basically, I just scored the solid tree from the "Christmas Tree Spinner" die set in half. Then I glued a bunch of trees side by side creating a complete circle. I offset my two shades of green to create a cool spinning effect. 

At the bottom of my snow globe, I added some presents that come in the "Christmas Tree Spinner" die set. I also added a gold die cut bow from the "Wreath Spinner" die set to the top of the card. 

I decided to cut the front flap of the accordion off for this card. I wanted more of the pattern paper to show at the bottom, and I also wanted to add a larger stamped sentiment. I gold heat embossed a sentiment from the new "Nutcracker Ballet" 6x8 stamp set and die cut it from a decorative shaped die. I added another sentiment to the back of the card, just to make it a full 360 design. 

That's it for today folks! Tune in tomorrow for part two of my card showcase featuring new products from the Scrappy Tails Crafts "Snow Globe Flurries" release. Thanks for stopping by!


  • 13 Oct 2021 Sandra Macaulay

    Sabrina….beautiful card ideas, Love them all!. Especially loved the Russian couple color blend used is amazing and the A7 book ideas, makes me want to order everything. I have to gain control!!

  • 13 Oct 2021 Denise Bryant

    Wonderful cards!

  • 13 Oct 2021 Virginia Ellison

    WOW. I love it all….now to figure out what to order first…this is hard!!!!! Congratulations Sabrina!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • 13 Oct 2021 Estelle

    Amazing collection and great realizes , i want it all.

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